Our Services

Besides the technical knowledge and expertise, with Atta, you get a team of professionals that communicate efficiently and build a relationship with you, based on trust.

How We Get Stuff Done

Our general approach to software product development is iterative. We like to work in small increments (1-3 weeks) that deliver results in a predictable and measurable way.

We are leaders in software product development and we like to assume technical and/or product leadership for projects we get involved with.

We know how to build products at scale, our products are used by millions of users all around the world. We delivered 50+ software products to clients from 3 continents. We have a global mindset and we focus on creating value through technology.

Find out more information about the specific services we offer to our customers below.

Product Strategy

  • Branding/Identity – we take care of your product’s way of being unique
  • Market Positioning – with insights about your customers, we help you position your product in the mind of your target customer
  • Security & Compliance Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Investor opportunities analysis
  • Roadmapping

Product Design

The right product means it solves a very big problem for the target audience and brings it value. We can help you build that right product.

  • User Research – qualitative and quantitative research to gain key insights from your customers & key stakeholders
  • User Experience Design – low fidelity prototypes to high fidelity prototypes that will help us quickly test product assumptions
  • UI Design – we make sure that your product not only works but looks and feels the way it should by implementing proprietary visual elements

Software Engineering

  • Backend Development
    • Java, Spring Framework
    • Backend as a Service: Parse Server, Firebase
    • Monitoring and Performance: New Relic
  • Mobile Development
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Hybrid: React Native, Ionic, Flutter
  • Frontend Development
    • Angular
    • React Native
    • Vue.JS
  • Devops
    • Infrastructure
    • Servers
    • Automatic Deployment
  • Diagnostics, Performance, and Debugging
  • Wearable & TV OS Development
  • VR/AR Development for Oculus Platform
  • Bot and Conversational Interface Development

Data Science

  • Manipulation – extract, transform, load (ETL), big data
  • Remodeling
  • Visualization – graphs, pie charts and other visuals to showcase info
  • Data Science, Machine Learning and AI – predictive modeling, forecasting, statistical analysis
  • Analytics – Bussiness Intelligence/Analytics (BI / BA); aggregate visualization and data science to continuously monitor and act on the insights of your data

Quality Assurance & Testing

We are big fans of automated testing because it is reproducible, it guarantees a high-quality product and is faster to perform than manual testing

With that in mind, sometimes manual testing is necessary and we can do that for you, but expect that we will propose automated solutions that will be more efficient financially for our customers in the long run.

Audit & Due Diligence

You want to have due diligence if you:

  • Prepare your company for an acquisition
  • Get ready for an investment round
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities in your current process
  • Planning – goals, roadmaps
  • Marketing – user acquisition, communication strategy, monetization
  • Data – data handling, infrastructure, cost analysis
  • Software Engineering – architecture, infrastructure, technology stack used
  • People – current team assessment, workflows (processes), team growth approaches & tactics
  • Legal – IP, patents & trademarks, approvals from regulators

Product Marketing

  • Analytics – we help you set up a plan to track users within your product: custom events, custom user traits, define funnels (eg: signup funnel, conversion funnel)
  • User Aquisition – we help you define potential user acquisition sources, create the ads, measure their cost and impact and act on this information in a continuous manner

  • Usage & Retention – improve app usage, efficiently communicate with your users and increase user retention in the app

  • Communication Strategy – nowadays, you can communicate with your users through different mediums: email, SMS, push notifications, website, blogs or app reviews; we can help you plan and execute an effective communication strategy for
    your audience
  • Monetization – define possible sources of monetization, measure them and improve key metrics like ROI, LTV (lifetime value)

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