Perform regular self-checks for skin cancer with your phone.

Mobile health solution that introduces an integrated dermatology service as a preventive health medium that helps you stay on top of your skin health. It has more than 1M customers worldwide and will soon be available in the US.


SkinVision is an awareness and tracking solution that supports individuals with the early recognition of skin lesions like: melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and precancerous actinic keratosis. SkinVision is the first certified skin cancer application globally based on extensive clinical trials in partnership with the university clinic of Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich in 2013, published in the JEADV in 2014.

Over the years, the company has built up a customer portfolio of 1,200,000 users globally and a database of 3,5 million pictures of suspicious skin conditions.

SkinVision helps you check your skin for signs of skin cancer with instant results on your phone. Our clinically-proven technology, combined with the knowledge of dermatologists specialised in skin cancer, helps you keep your skin healthy.


1.2 million+

The Services Provided

  • Software Development for the iOS and Android apps
  • Software Development for different web apps around the SkinVision product
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision skills for on device image acquisition
  • Software Architecture expertise for the backend infrastructure
  • Product Marketing: setup and monitor product analytics (mobile, web, backend)

The Challenges

  • On device real-time image acquisition with specific conditions
  • Complex code-base (iOS and Android)
  • Handover work to the new internal development team


Erik DeHaus


I appreciate Atta Systems for their professionalism. The whole team is very product-oriented and deliver a great experience to our final users. We were impressed with their pro-activeness, they always reach to anybody inside our team to remove blockers in the development process. I highly recommend working with them!


Bright  Boschker


I have come to know Andrei as a very energetic, knowledgeable and pleasant person. Andrei is always quick to think along and offer help where needed. The combination of business savvy and technology skills makes Andrei a sparring partner you can work with.

Proposed Solution

We wanted to build a platform that allowed users to keep their skin healthy with regular self-checks with the use of their mobile phones. SkinVision had already an established codebase when we started working with them and an internal team in Amsterdam that was taking care of business, marketing, customer care, product. The app uses machine learning to give users the risk indication in just a few seconds.

In addition to the internal team, a research team was also involved in the development of the risk assessment algorithms.

Driven by Impact

Atta Systems team joined in and helped the product team with mobile app development (on Android and iOS), mobile image acquisition and from time to time frontend services and product marketing services. We continuously improved on the quality of the codebase and the quality of the user experience in general, in collaboration with the team in Amsterdam.

The collaboration was a success, we started with app ratings below 3* on App Store and Google Play store and managed to successfully raise the user ratings to over 4.5* on average on both stores.

We ended it with a successful handover to the newly created engineering team in Amsterdam.

The Tech We’ve Used








Product Video



2012 – Company is founded in Bucharest, Romania


Extensive clinical trials with Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU)


SkinVision becomes the first certified skin cancer application globally based on the clinical trials with LMU


Atta Systems starts working with SkinVision, on mobile apps and mobile image acquisition technology


SkinVision raises Series A from Leo Innovation Lab


Atta Systems starts to provide front-end services


Successfully implemented Looker BI together with the internal product & marketing team.

December 2017

FDA application together with the rest of the team (Business, Product, Marketing)


SkinVision raises $7.6M Series B from Leo Pharma and PHS Capital


Atta Systems successfully hands over work to the newly created Product & Engineering team

September 2018

Atta Systems engages in a short term collaboration with SkinVision to help with an integration with a big client

Some Numbers


1.2 million+


3.5 million+



Technical Document

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