Clever Taxi

Clever Taxi is the biggest e-Hailing app in Romania, with more than 17,000 drivers from 20 cities round the country


The Clever Taxi app, launched in 2010, has grown to be one of Romania’s most loved e-Hailing app and a recognised transportation mean used in the biggest 20 cities in the country

Clever was acquired in 2017 by myTaxi, a company that is part of the Daimler Mobility Services GmbH group, one of the European leaders in the e-Hailing market. With this acquisition, myTaxi offers e-Hailing services in 11 countries around Europe



Services Provided

  • Native iOS and Android app development services
  • Software Architecture approaches for both mobile applications
  • Product and Technical Expertise

The Challenges

  • Location Services availability and reliability on both Android and iOS platforms
  • Usage of maps, as a core feature, on both platforms
  • General stability and usability features
  • Credit Card payments in the app


Alexandru Dumitru
CTO & Co-Founder

They have better skills than you anticipate and they work in a very agile way. The kind of skills that have allowed them to finish things and still have time to really make sure the final product is polished. They managed to meet deadlines before our team did.

Mihai Rotaru
CEO & Co-Founder

Atta Systems team has the manpower to do the task they assigned to themselves within a certain amount of time by just being better than they tell you. They have the abilities and skills not only for programming, but also for analysis and algorithms.

Some Numbers




20 cities



What We’ve Focused On

Design and develop a mobile experience available for both iOS and Android platforms which gives all app users (both clients and drivers) a realiable and fast experience.


  • Efficiency for clients and drivers – Clever went for a major overhaul in terms of app usability
  • Fast User Experience – both iOS and Android platforms received an app flow improvement
  • Reliability and Availability – together with the Clever Taxi product team, we improved the crash-free rate and the availability of the app, especially for users with a poor internet connection

How We Did It

  • Speed and User Experience optimizations of the driver and client app
  • Redo the architecture of the location services on both iOS and Android platforms for more efficiency in terms of battery, reliability and speed
  • Offer a better flow to the architecture of the maps
  • Implementation of a new payment flow for clients using Credit Cards

The Tech We’ve Used







Key Features

Order taxis from various companies

The app allows users to order taxis from different taxi companies or independent drivers


The app makes possible for users to choose between making their trip payment using their Credit Card or by cash

Rate and chat with drivers

Clients can interact with drivers through the app's chat and trip rating system

Track the location of your driver

Clients can see the current location of a driver and how fast the car can get to them.



Technical Document

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