Save time and money while traveling

with the Baloo mobile app, travelers all over the world can exchange currencies directly with other travelers. 


Baloo is founded by Florian, an avid traveler currently living in Singapore. His favorite traveling area is South East Asia, the place of hundreds of paradise-like destinations. A problem in this area is that every country has its own currency. You need to exchange money to the local currency when you get there and exchange from local currency to the next local currency or to an international currency when you leave. 

Florian had wanted to solve this problem and came up with Baloo a peer-to-peer platform on which travelers can exchange foreign currency with other travelers in a safe, easy, and fast way. 

The Goals

  • Giving users a fast, location-based way to exchange cash was the priority
  • Cut the middle man and make exchanging local currencies faster
  • Offer an easy way to manage multiple conversations and listings
  • Provide users multiple options when creating a new listing, to cater to their needs
  • Have the ability to quickly filter listings on your location
  • Worldwide coverage in the very near future

The Challenges

  • Move fast: we had to meet a tight delivery schedule, to make the app available for travelers from Spring 2020.
  • Easy maintenance: we developed the app using Flutter, so we have only one codebase for both Android and iOS
  • Scalability and global availability – we depoyed the backend and infrastructure on Firebase, taking advantage of their scalability and worldwide availability

Key Features

Quick Overview

We make sure to display the available exchanges for your currency around your area as soon as you launch the app

Create a Listing

Quickly change your currency preferences, the maximum amount you want to exchange, and even when and where you're available to meet

User Profile

This is where you'll find ratings from past listings, bookmarked listings for when you plan on travelling and also listings that you have created


How We Did It

  • Mobile apps are implemented using Flutter, Google’s solution for hybrid mobile development.
  • Backend based on Firebase from Google, one of the most popular back-end as a service solutions available.


  • Cost-effective Implementation – with Flutter, the codebase is largely common for both iOS and Android. Firebase is a BaaS solution perfect for mobile apps. It helps us accelerate the development time and provides a scalable solution almost out of the box. 
  • Easy maintenance – Flutter codebase is very easy to maintain, for both platforms: iOS and Android. 
  • Almost instant scalability – Firebase allows us to scale up/scale down the infrastructure when needed.

The Tech We’ve Used





Technical Document

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