EIR Platform

Ernst & Young(EY) is working together with various banks on their Effective Interest Rate (EIR) needs. The EIR platform implements a complex methodology that gathers the required data from the bank and produces the monthly EIR reports (at the portfolio level and at the individual level).


EY experts developed a comprehensive methodology that gathers the required data from the bank and produces the monthly EIR reports (for the whole client portfolio and also for each individual client). The methodology was first implemented in using Excel and SQL Scripts. The solution proved to be hard to scale, so EY partnered with Atta Systems to develop a platform that automates this reporting task.

Together with experts from EY, we have built a system that connects to a bank’s data sources, processes the required data and produces the EIR reports: 5 aggregated reports for the whole client portfolio and several individual reports (per each client in the portfolio).

The reports can be viewed online in the web platform and downloaded to usual exportable formats (CSV, XLS). The system is designed to be deployed on a bank’s infrastructure and to leverage the existing data source and directory services (LDAP).


Commercial Banks

The Goals

  • Efficiently & effectively help bank employees manage the Effective Interest Rate for their clients
  • Installed on bank premises
  • White label solution customisable per bank branding

The Challenges

  • User management & Audit
  • Product design (efficiently display the right data at the right time): proper usability
  • Data flow between the bank database and our databases


Răzvan Pîrnac
Manager | Financial Accounting & Advisory Services

They kept us informed at each stage and we had a very good symbiosis. Their availability for our last-minute changes was amazing! We will definitely recommend them for future work!

Ana Radu
Financial Accounting and Advisory Services Manager

Atta Systems proved to be a trustworthy partner throughout our collaboration, bringing our initial proposal to life with many enriched ideas and various alternatives to suit a very complex implementation plan. The software delivered worked flawlessly, had an easy to use interface and proved its reliability in time. I have no doubt we will work together in the coming periods.


Automate, automate, automate

The proposed solution is a web platform that helps the bank specialists run monthly effective interest rate calculations on their portfolio (clients that contracted a credit with the bank).

EIR Platform connects to the bank database and gets all the relevant data. It then automatically calculates collective reports (5 reports for the whole portfolio) and individual reports (per each client in the portfolio).

Because EIR works with sensitive data, it is deployed at the bank premise, it is secure and all the steps that can be performed in the app are audited. To integrate easily with the bank system, we implemented LDAP so that bank personnel can log in with their work credentials.

The Tech We’ve Used









November 2018

Development of EIR Platform v1.0 started

February 2019

EIR v1.0 is live

March 2019

Pilot with a major bank in Romania

April 2019

Evaluation of the first version of EIR and plans to develop v2.0 with additional features and automation.

May 2019

Work starts on EIR v2.0 based on evaluation results

July 2019

EIR v2.0 is launched

August 2019

Several pilot deployments are done at banks around Europe

More to come

Some Numbers


5 Banks


5 billion+ euros in credits


500K+ Bank Clients

Technical Document

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