Yepp is the social betting platform: you can challenge your friends to bet on football events (single matches or championships) on various prizes: fame, beers, crazy haircuts or even money.


Yepp has been around since 2010 as a web platform ( and later Yepp is a social betting platform that allows users
to challenge their friends on different prizes like fame, beers, crazy haircuts or even money.

In 2018 Yepp switched completely to mobile, taking full advantage of the mobile platforms: Android and iOS. The Yepp app makes it really easy for their users to challenge their friends, place bets and check out results on the go.



The Goals

  • iOS and Android apps with a playful design
  • Football matches data automatically pulled from
    a football API for European and international championships
  • User prediction score automatically calculated at
    the end of each match
  • Application and infrastructure should work for
    tens of thousands of users that create challenges with hundreds of matches

The Challenges

  • Apps need to look the same on iOS and Android
  • The design should be easy to use
  • Integration with the football API
  • Scalability: ability to create challenges with thousands of users that contain hundreds of matches


Larisa Tagarta

Project Manager @ YEPP

Managing the collaboration with Atta Systems is really easy. They are proactive, professional and deliver on their work in a timely manner. Throughout my career as a project manager I have worked with a lot of companies and I can say that Atta Systems is one of the best!

Paul Radu

Partner @ YEPP

What I like most about Atta team is that they got involved in the development of the product, not just writing lines of code.


3.5 Billion Football Fans Worldwide

I won, you buy the next beer!

Matches are more fun to watch with friends. The experience of looking at matches is enhanced by the ability to make friendly bets: who leads at half-time, who leads at full-time, what is the exact score, who scores at least one goal


How We Did It

The Yepp software system is elegant and fast. We built the following software components:

  • Mobile apps implemented using React Native technology, the best solution for hybrid mobile development.
  • Backend based on Parse Server, one of the most popular back-end as a service solutions available, implemented on top of Heroku for easy scalability


  • Cost-effective implementation – with React Native, you write almost the same code for iOS and Android. Parse Server is a BaaS solution perfect for mobile apps, accelerating development time.
  • Easy maintenance – because with React Native you write the same code for iOS and Android, you have to maintain less code.
  • React Native – Yepp joins big apps worldwide that use the same technology for their mobile apps: Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Bloomberg, Uber Eats, etc.
  • Almost instant scalability – Parse Server on top of Heroku allows to scale up/scale down the infrastructure when needed.
  • Flexible development – with React Native, you can always implement components natively for iOS and/or Android.

Key Features

Lots of leagues

Yepp has the most important football leagues and international championships.

Friendly bets

Challenge your friends for fame, beers or even money.

Manage your friends with groups

Create a group with your friends from work, a group with your friends from high-school. Manage the groups easily in Yepp.

Bet on matches or championships

In Yepp you can bet on a single match or on a series of matches (called championships). Your call.



The Tech We’ve Used









May 2018

Development of the app started

June – July 2018

An early version of the Yepp app was used for a closed alpha testing during the FIFA World Cup Championship (that took place in Russia)

November 2018

A closed beta version is launched with a couple of hundred of users

February 2019

The official launch on the App Store and Google Play of Yepp 1.0

March 2019

The official launch of Yepp 1.1 on App Store and Google Play

Fall 2019

The application is updated with features regarding information about favorite teams and leagues

More to come

Some Numbers




10 mins





Technical Document

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