Animest International Film Festival

Animest is the only festival in Romania dedicated to animated film. Every year it welcomes to Bucharest international filmmakers, producers and journalists


The Animest International Animation Film Festival, established in 2006, has become one of Bucharest’s most loved film festivals and a recognized event on the international animation scene

The festival’s mission to reinvigorate and support the Romanian animation film has an impact on the awards and participations of local animation filmmakers in international film festivals and events

The creators of Animest wanted to make it easier for their participants to interact with the festival: get more info, buy tickets and many more through a mobile app



Animation Enthusiasts

The Goals

  • Create iOS and Android apps with friendly design
  • Show schedule of the festival and create a personalized program with users’ favorite events
  • Allow users to keep tickets on their phone after the purchase
  • Quickly access information about the festival
  • Implement Eventbook for authentication
  • Create a voting system that allows users to vote for their favorite performance in the festival
  • Have an interactive AR experience that allows users to view a film trailer just by pointing their camera to an Animest poster

The Challenges

  • Build native apps with similar user interfaces
  • Integrate Eventbook platform in our development process
  • Deliver app in a limited time frame


Marius Roșu
Creative Director

Magic happens when our creativity blends with the knowledge and experience of Atta Systems team. We are very excited to see the brand new Animest app come to life.

Mihai Mitrică

Even though we had tough time constraints, the Atta Systems managed to deliver an amazing app for both platforms. Our users can now buy tickets and see festival information from their own pockets. I highly recommend working with Atta, they are very professional.

Some Numbers


20+ countries




8 prize winners

What We’ve Focused On

Design and develop a mobile experience available for both iOS and Android platforms which gives the festival’s audience the possibility to buy and use tickets on their phones and also to access important information about the festival.


  • Cost efficient infrastructure – the integration of Eventbook helped us use as little resources as possible
  • Offer users an Immersive Experience by taking advantage of the AR SDKs in both iOS (ARKit framework) and Android (AR Core)

How We Did It

  • Created a native iOS and Android app with friendly User Experience for ease in usability
  • Implemented a feature that allows users to make a personalized program with events from festival
  • Gave users possibility to make reservations for specific events and to buy different types of tickets

We Went For

  • Integration with Eventbook platform to offer the users a seamless experience
  • The implementation of an OAuth 2.0 solution in order to achieve the Log In feature
  • Approaches for efficient app-wide updates at actions regarding the Favorites and Authentication features

Product Video

The Tech We’ve Used





   Flutter logo


Key Features

View and create a personalized program with favorite events View an up-to-date festival program and quickly select events within the interest area
Buy tickets Buy and reserve different types of tickets for festival performances
Get the latest festival news Stay up-to-date with the most relevant information
Immersive augmented reality experience Interact with posters at the festival with the help of AR



Technical Document

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